Spielraum: Hopes and Desires are not Static

29 cm x 18 cm

International Centre of Graphic Arts MGLC Ljubljana

A solo exhibition of the second chapter of Jasmina Cibic's project Spielraum: Hopes and Desires are not Static. Curated by Anna Gritz.


Heroes We Love

Lambda Print
100 cm x 70 cm

UGM Maribor

Socialist realism revised; case study: ex-Yugoslavia. A group exhibition curated by Simona Vidmar and Miško Šuvaković.

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Spielraum: The Nation Loves It

Single channel HD video, 15 min 45 sec, 16:9, stereo

Ludwig Museum Budapest

A solo exhibition presenting the first chapter of the new immersive video installation Spielraum: The Nation Loves It. Curated by Rona Kopeczky.

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