NADA: ACT III, screening

NADA_Act III_1 square WEB

Louvre Auditorium

French premiere of NADA: Act III - The Exhibition is a part of the Rencontres Internationales film programme 2019.


NADA trilogy screening

Cibic_Nada Act II_9 web

Belvedere 21, Museum of Contemporary Art, Vienna

Austrian premiere of the NADA trilogy. Followed by a discussion between Jasmina Cibic, Claudia Slanar - the curator and programmer of Blickle Kino and Jen Kratochvil from The Significant Other, Vienna



J. Cibic: Topical Devices (2017)

Tobačna 001 Ljubljana

A solo exhibition drawing to a close Cibic's expansive project and launching artist's monograph Spielraum.

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