In Rhythmic Affinity is an exhibition intended as a meeting place between the works from the Art Collection of the Non-Aligned Countries and the artistic processes of Jasmina Cibic. The exhibition features a selection of Cibic’s works that comment on some of the most perturbing case studies of the gift economy of cultural monikers by political powers within the historical context of social and political crises in the 20th century. Cibic created a new scenography for the gallery space where a selection of artworks and object d’art donated by national governments, institutions and embassies from the member states of the Non-Aligned movement to former Yugoslavia will be installed. Together, the works intend to interweave fragments of historical fractures and potentials for a renewed fostering of concepts of solidarity.

The Art Collection of Non-Aligned Movement Lab is a project of the Contemporary Art Centre of Montenegro that aims to develop contemporary research and archival artistic practices, their implementation in the artistic and educational programmes of the Centre, as well as to interconnect this extremely valuable and opulent collection, which testifies to an important international historical context.

The exhibition will open with a special performance ‘In Rhythmic Affinity’, a composition for 3 female voices performed within the specially designed exhibition environment by the artist. The lyrics are drawn from the Most Favoured Nation clause; the principle that is the cornerstone of multilateral trading system conceived after World War II which intended to replace the frictions and distortions of power-based policies with the guarantees of a rules-based framework where trading rights do not depend on the individual participants’ economic or political clout. The composition was developed in collaboration with the artist and musician Barbara Kinga Majewska and drawn from one of the donated musical compositions to the League of Nations (courtesy of the library and archive of the United Nations, Geneva). The work was originally commissioned on the occasion of Jasmina Cibic’s solo exhibition at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg, curated by Marijana Schneider in 2022.

The exhibition features the following works from the Art Collection of the Non-Aligned Countries:

Harfa Saung-Gauk (gifted by the Federal Secretariat for Foreign Affairs, VIII Administration Burma), Shuresh Sharma: Untitled II (gifted by the National Gallery of New Delhi, India), Gurcharan Singh: Painting No 5 (gifted by the National Gallery of New Delhi, India), Gender folk xylophone (gifted by the Embassy of Indonesia), Mustafa El Razzaz: Triptich (gifted by the Government of Egypt), Saleh Reda: Composition (gifted by the Government of Egypt); Ted Carrasco: Torso (gifted by Ambajada De La Republica Socialista Federativa De Yugoslavia Casilla 1717 La Paz Bolivia).