Cibic's series of collages titled "Instructions" draws on a selection of landscape photographs sourced from the archives conserved in the Museum of Yugoslav History. Specifically Cibic worked with an archive of images taken by official photographers of Marshal Tito. Rather than selecting images portraying the heads of states, politicians and other diplomatic personnel, Cibic worked solely with the photographs depicting the empty “picturesque and sublime” landscapes, images in which the state photographers turned away from the political spectacle, focussing instead on the environment and elevating the scenery rather than the scene of the various protocol events that went to shape the geo-politics of the post WW2 world. The cuts appearing in the collages are drawn from symbols of specific political appropriation: the forms and shapes were sourced from the plans and designs for the city of Belgrade for the first Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement in 1961 - amongst them info boxes, monuments, water fountains and flag pole designs.