Halls of Power

Cibic_Nada Act II_9 web

High Line New York

On the High Line, Cibic shares three films that showcase a continuum of her work focusing on the relation between stagecraft and statecraft—underlining theatrical tactics of political power.


A Scaffold With, Against

tear down

University of Toronto Art Centre

Curated by Žana Kozomora, the exhibition brings together works whose material forms prop up processes that may appear elusive in face of larger, seductive propositions for icons of progress.


Returning the Gaze

single channel HD video, 6 min 43 sec, 16:9, stereo,
production still: Matevž Paternoster

Cukrarna, Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana

The group exhibition Returning the Gaze offers a glimpse into the creative processes and practices of nearly sixty women artists, all either Slovenian or working in Slovenia, from the 1990s to today.