Continuing our exploration of parallel worlds we turn to Eurovision, with its own definitions of Europe and where power ballads or turbo folk rule. Teaming up with the Errol Flynn Filmhouse (EFF), we will present a celebration of artist music video from 9–11 May 2014.

In line with Eurovision’s guidelines, curators, artists and institutions across the European Broadcasting Area have been invited to nominate an artist from their country working with music video. The Broadcasting Area defines the boundaries of the continent as spanning from Iceland to Algeria to Iraq and Azerbaijan. The nominated artist music videos will be screened at NN in the lead-up to the Eurovision Song Contest’s grand final. Live streaming of the Eurovision Finale will be at EFF on Saturday 10 May from 8pm, followed by an after party hosted at NN’s new Courtyard from 11pm until late.

Artists: Michael Wegerer / JUUN (Austria), Lola Gonzalez (France), Sophia Tabatadze & Nadia Tsulukidze (Georgia), Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay (Germany), Erica Scourti (Greece), Igor & Ivan Buharov (Hungary), Michelle Deignan (Ireland), Dani Gal (Israel), Sigurdur Gudjonsson (Iceland), Arturas Bumsteinas (Lithuania), Katarina Zdjelar (Netherlands), Alicja Rogalska (Poland), Joana Vasconcelos (Portugal), Jasmina Cibic (Slovenia), Elgatoconmoscas (Spain), Jacqueline Forzelius (Sweden), Uriel Orlow and Mikhail Karikis (Omnitopia), Mel Brimfield (United Kingdom)

Boom Bang is co-curated by Catherine Hemelryk & Carmen Billows in partnership with NN & Errol Flynn Filmhouse.