Škuc Gallery is proud to present Jasmina Cibic at this year’s Vienna International Art Fair. Cibic is a Ljubljana born, London based artist with an impressive body of work in the media of photography, film, installation, and paper-based works. She represented Slovenia at the 55th Venice Biennial with the conceptually intricate project, For our economy and culture, that investigated constant deployment of the fields of art and culture in the representation of statehood, regardless of its ideological premise. It is not often that Škuc Gallery makes a solo presentation at an art fair, but in the context of Cibic’s exceptionally productive couple of years, it is an excellent opportunity to present a particular conceptual line within her work. The presented works therefore follow her research of ideologies of display and their genealogy, showing how they question certain political and aesthetic agendas. It is through this very investigation that Jasmina Cibic comes to tackle wider issues of contemporary mythmaking and other mechanisms of ideological processing which is the main focus of her present practice. In this way the presentation will show Cibic’s various works from the last couple of years, as well as present elements of her most recent projects that have not previously been displayed.