One Sculpture after Another was a site-specific outdoor installation specifically conceived for the exhibition Museum on the Street (Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, 2008). The installation was placed opposite the first modernist block of flats built in Ljubljana, within the green space in front of this building that was intended and constructed for the citizen. The title of the piece alludes to the legacy of art practices that were influenced by a notion of collective consciousness, especially in a period of upheaval of new nationalisms and searching for new cultural and national identities – where works within the urban fabric of the city intended for citizens begin to get substituted by tourist attractions.

The installation is composed of a container-sized box, which is tiled in black ceramic tiles presenting silk-screened images of endemic and indigenous animals in Slovenia ranging from the human fish (Proteus anguinus) to various types of cave animals. On the inside there is a light installation, which operates on a timer. During the day a passer-by only sees her or his own reflection while during the night, the barely illuminated inside uncovers just another empty box.