A Double Game, 2014, Single channel HD video, 2 min 37 sec, 16:9, silent

A Double Game is a video running in a continuous loop which functions as the second part of Cibic’s video work Fruits of Our Land, shot specifically for For our Economy and Culture, Cibic’s project for the Slovenian Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennial that explored issues around national representation and its framing. A Double Game presents the same characters who are standing in for the members of the government “Committee for the Review of Artistic Works” in the video work Fruits of Our Land. In opposition to the carefully constructed and linear narrative and edit of the latter video, A Double Game presents a disjointed account of the same characters constructing a model of a building. The spectator is never disclosed which building the model represents or how the final architecture looks. Rather the act of constructing shifts focus to the game played between the protagonists, where the exchanged looks and determined hand moves suggest a chess like game which echoes the intense verbal debate of the recreation of a 1957 parliamentary debate between politicians, architects and art historians of how art can represent a nation, which is the centerpiece of the video Fruits of Our Land.