The two series of Cibic’s photographic works The Green House Effect and Unrealised locations, create and display a situation within a staged intervention carried out in spaces that are inaccessible to casual passers-by (restricted research facilities, nuclear reactors, state borders). The artist takes on a role of a tour guide who plays on the desire of the spectators and posits the artist’s experience against the spectator’s fantasy. The photographs mimic the industry of “promised destinations”, the capitalist phantasmagorical line of production where the tourist is never confronted with the process but only with the final destination (artefact), where the constructed space of fantasy never reveals the underlying myth. The title of the series relates to “climate change” as a metaphor for the turn in the perception of contemporary art from cultural milieus that were once considered exotic and the position of artists from these areas after the dissipation of the “big demonic Other” embodied in these places.


Miha Colner